Arthur was a fucking ARDVARK

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Some guy has been taking pictures of me for his music business and he gave me a few. How busking drop in weeks and weeks #busking #busker #busk #music #instadaily #acoustic #music #guitar #long #hair #menwithbeards #beards #beard #bath #somerset #friend #drop #tip #mademyday
Have had the most awesomest time with the grooviest gentlemen in #manchester. Thankyou everyone for being so supportive and again awesome. As usual x

hahahahaha honestly one of the best oringal cartoons in for ever

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Leaf on the Wind - Created by Area71
Available for sale at the artist’s Etsy Shop

a very diferent cover in which i definately mess up a lot. but i made it on audacity in an hour. so check it. rate it or like it whatnot. and yeah. peace

keep the western feeling



So gorgeous

dream woman i do think

"Don’t you ever stand for that sort of thing - someone ever tries to kill you you try to kill them right back, understood?"

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love mel

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venetian asd
fred being man kenny
i reckon this is posed. but baddass nonetheless
green. my favorite color

A drawing of River from Firefly I did in 2010. Posting for a friend. :)

River. the beat sci fi river.